DIY fashion: how to make ripped jeans guys look cool and hipster style


How to Repurpose Your Old Jeans into New Fashions

Jeans can be a versatile piece of clothing that you can throw on for almost any occasion. Whether you have jeans that are finally starting to look a bit worn down or you have some old jeans that still have life left in them, there are ways to give them new life and make them look good as new.

One way to rejuvenate your old jeans is by ripping out the jean’s stitching and hand sewing it into a different stitch pattern. Sometimes, this is all you need to do in order to completely transform your favorite pair of ripped jeans into something brand new! With these instructions, you’ll be able to make these jean styles work for everyday wear or just for casual outings.

When ripping out jean stitches, it’s best to do this by hand with a pair of small sharp scissors. Make sure that if you are doing this process on jeans that are pre-ripped, make sure the rip isn’t too large and that it will be easy to sew back together. If you rip out large holes, the jean may not have enough material left for you to stitch back up again!

So, how to make ripped jeans guys?

First, you need to decide if you want to take in the jeans or let them out. If they are too tight around your waist, it may be best to take them in before ripping the stitching out. It’s easier for a tailor to do this process than for you to take in the jean material yourself.

  • If the jean material isn’t cut too tight, you can let the jeans out. However, if they are so loose that you don’t need to take them in at all, but you want the stitching ripped out and a new stitch pattern put in its place, you can do this as well. In order for this method to work, it’s best to leave the jean material a bit baggy – this will give you room to sew!

  • Ripping out can be done manually with a pair of scissors. Start by cutting off the jean belt loops and label inside the jean. Cut up from the bottom of one leg, then down from top of other leg. Cut off the button and zipper as well as belt loops. The jean material should be completely ripped from the stitching once you’re done.

  • Before re-sewing, make sure to use a ruler or tape measure to measure out how much width you will need for your new stitch pattern. Make sure it’s at least two inches wide so you can sew it together. Use a straight ruler to draw out your new stitch pattern on the jean material, then cut it out with scissors.

  • Sewing stitching back together is just as important as ripping them apart! Using a needle and thread, use the same color of thread that was used on your jean stitching to begin the re-sewing process. Using small tight stitches, sew your stitching back together along the same path as before. Once you’re done, knot off the thread and cut away the excess material from where you sewed it up so that there are no loose threads.

One of these designs will be perfect for a ripped jean that you want to wear to class or on a date. Experiment with different stitch patterns until you find one that you really like!

Conclusion: How To Dress Like a Dude and Start Loving Your Own Style

In order to look like a man, you have to have the right attitude. Of course, that means ripping your clothes and wearing them as is. It's really not as hard as it sounds. You can experiment with these tips and see which one help you look your best.


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